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Achieving Excellence

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It’s a joy to encounter someone who is truly excellent at what they do. It might be a manager who builds strong and motivated teams. Or a waitress who anticipates your every need. Or a teacher who unlocks the desire to learn in each student.

To be excellent at anything, you must first be motivated.

True excellence is something we prize but seldom see. Why is that so rare? And how can you become known as someone who consistently demonstrates excellence? Have you ever noticed that those who are excellent at something make it look so easy. You’ll overhear people say, “He/she is a natural at it.” That’s always a sign of motivation, and therein lies the key: Motivation is required for excellence.

Motivation comes naturally. It’s like being right or left-handed. We don’t even think about it.

People who are excellent at what they do are motivated. They’ve identified and refined what motivates them. They then added knowledge, skill, experience and practice to perform at the highest levels.

There is a flip side: The best you can be with low motivation is adequate. No matter how hard you work, you will never be excellent if you’re not motivated in that area. You are resigned to mediocrity.

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